Sunday, June 04, 2006

Characteristics of healed persons

 One of the signs of truly great people is that they are free of compulsive behaviours. They are healed people. They are not stuck in a rut as most of us are. They can react to situations according to the need. Such were Jesus,Buddha, Gandhiji, and Lincoln. Jesus could get frightened and bold, sad and serene, warmly friendly and detached, simple like a dove and shrewd like a serpent, at ease in a crowd and in lonely prayer as the situation demanded.33 Research study of people who survived extremely difficult situations has shown that they were also free of compulsions and hence enjoyed a great flexibility of character that helped them to adjust themselves to varying situations.34

The ‘healed’ will take corrections gracefully; they will speak their minds in discussions; they will abide gracefully by the decisions so arrived at whether these decisions are according to their liking or not. They will let others – children and wife/husband in a family, students in a school or college, employs in an organization, novices and juniors in a religious congregation – speak their mind with freedom whether they like these opinions or not. They will tell others politely if they have anything to tell them and not grumble or criticize behind their backs. They will be team players; they will agree to disagree without personalizing the issue. Their presence will bring peace and cheer in the family, community and work place. They will appreciate and encourage more than scold or correct. They will not be normally be victims of moods. They will be easily accessible for others and others will not be afraid of them even if they hold very high positions. They will like and be liked by children. They will take responsibility for their lives and do whatever they can to improve their lot and not wait for others to come to their rescue. In short they will not be an emotional drag on any group or community; rather they will bear their share of burden and a little more to move themselves and the group forward.


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