Thursday, June 15, 2006


If Francis of Assisi were here today, would he not lament and weep over his little brothers and sisters – the birds, animals, and the flowers? If he were to preach to the birds once again would he not be sorry for the missing species of the birds and would he not search for them? As Franciscans and admirers of St. Francis it is high time for us to reflect on this matter. We are called to cherish and nourish creation, nature and environment, and not to allow it to perish. We Franciscans have to treasure, preserve and safe guard the world from destruction. We have to visualize the world as Francis did. To put into practice this aspect we have to be aware of the ecological crisis.

Therefore, let us be aware of certain principles of ecology like:
- The earth community is a complex and interdependent system and all the diverse parts of the system are essential to its functioning and beauty.
- Every human being has the right to a healthy environment in which one lives. At the same time the human beings have a special responsibility to preserve life in its integrity and diversity and should avoid destructing attitude.

- Life is a gift, given equally to all; therefore respect must be shown to other creatures.
- The interdependence is the basis of communion and harmony within the human family as well as with the cosmic community. Authoritative attitude must be avoided and do no harm to anyone.

When Franciscans practiced these principles they become a true steward of God. Each one can become a co-creator as St. Francis of Assisi was. Once we become the co-creator it is easy for us to lead others into the state of stewardship. We can also use different methods for guiding others into stewardship.



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