Sunday, June 04, 2006

Healing the inner child

 We each have many different sides: the grown-up side, the professional side, and the childlike side. However, the way we feel emotionally doesn’t change. The frustration we felt, as a two year old is the same frustration we feel at forty. we just cover it up and express it differently. We may sink into feelings of hopelessness, overeat, drink too much or lash out at loved ones.

The inner child is a personification of one’s feelings, perceptions, and behavioral reactions that developed in early childhood but were never integrated with the more mature feelings, and thus comes to more adult ways of responding to life situations, one can often experience oneself reacting as though one had learned nothing new in twenty, forty, or even sixty years. Following are some of the parts of the child you might find inside.

The Abandoned Child: this child part that has been left in some through divorce or adoption or just left because the parents were kept busty working. This part is always fearful that it will be abandoned again and again. This part of the self is starving for extra attention and reassurance that it is safe and wanted. This self is very lonely.

The Neglected child: the child self that was always left alone without much nurturing and love. It doesn’t believe it is lovable or worthwhile. It finds it difficult to express and doesn’t know how to love. It is depressed and wants to hide and cry.

The Playful Child: that self that is naturally playful, creative, spontaneous and fun, the loving child. This part longs to play. Many of us have forgotten how to do this and be free without guilt or anxiety because as adults we must be doing something that is ‘worthwhile”.

The Spoiled Child: that part of us who wants what it wants and it wants it now, and if it doesn’t get what it wants, it throws a temper tantrum.

The Fearful Child: this part has been overly criticized when young. Now it is anxious and in panic much of the time. It needs lots of encouragement and positive affirmations.

The Disconnected Child: this Inner child part, which never learns to be close to anyone. It is isolated and dissociated. Intimacy feels alien and scary. Trust is a basic issue.

 The Discounted Child: this is a part of the self that was ignored and treated as though it did not exist. It feels invisible. It doesn’t believe in itself and needs lots of love to assist and support it.

 The Spiritual Child: this part of the self-searches for answers from higher realms.

These are all possibilities of the different Inner child parts that might be inside. They and us need Support, which will allow us to embark on a journey of profound healing. In order to make one’s life successful he/she needs to give attention to his /her inner child probably might have been neglected through various reasons. Now you need to consciously give attention to your own inner child. The love, care and concern, fun and many things probably might have been lost for this child should be given now in all the ways possible. This will give you an emotional growth. It will enable you to adapt to the situations well. It will open your heart to love and to receive love. You will become a man/woman who can touch others with your love. Following are the certain steps to make your inner child active and creative.


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