Sunday, June 04, 2006

The history of sickness

 It is the original sin from the point of Old Testament. First parents were eating along with the forbidden apple, sickness and death. So illness was a desire. Their desire to knowledge and immortality resulted in illness and death. It is also evil but according to St. Augustine “evil has no nature; evil is not something. Evil is not matter, evil is not substance.”

Then illness is something different from evil, as it has substance. But the primitive man considered illness as an evil; its part is almost shaped by Old Testament understanding. Illness if we follow St. Augustine should be considered as a corruption, which is the result of mortality. This mortality is surely brought out by original sin.

According to Hindu Philosophy illness is the result of the Goddess Durga. It is a blessing to the earth, when she saw that the earth is perishing due to immense population. Mother earth pleaded to Durga, and out of Durga’s sweat came a Goddess with yellow hair. Her body contained every sickness imaginable. Greek myth says the same story; sickness came out of Pandora’s box.

These are mainly rational symbol. They carry only an orthodox meaning. They are not biological knowledge nor juridical. Now we are moving to Biological knowledge, which again hypothesis in the same way as the origin of life is a hypothesis. But we stress here one point that it was a ‘desire’. Bible says that it was man’s desire to know the foreign or hidden phenomenon, which God prohibited. Creation was God’s love and man responded to the love with desire. Desire is a claim- Desire tries to conquer love. Desire moves to lust, which makes spiritual a matter. This matter condemned knowing decay. Buddha’s prohibition of desire then is quite a right way to salvation.



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