Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Power of Imaginations in Gibran

 The Imaginations of Gibran is the product of soul. A mystic like Gibran has no philosophy in his writings. The mystic has no ideology, because he has the truth itself. His ultimate goal was total freedom in expressing himself. According to him, for eg to take on bath is to decorate the body, is to believe in the body, and the body is nothing but bones, blood, flesh, everything rotten, just covered with skin. What is the point of taking a bath?. He is always with the idea that you (me) are not the body, but a consciousness, which needs no cleanliness because it cannot become unclean. He is the one who wrote about romance in a different way. Those who read Gibran will fall in a special kind of love, which is of the soul. The powerful imaginations are well expressed in ‘Sand and Form’

“Even the masks of life are masks of deeper mystery”.
We are all prisoners but some of us are in cells
with windows and some without”.

The thoughts of Gibran runs like this. That is why it is called the product of the soul. The much discussed book, ‘The Prophet’ wherein we come to know the enlightenment Gibran. For him enlightenment is simply the process of becoming aware of your unconscious layers of personality and dropping those layers. Gibran could find out the original face of imagination throughout ‘The Prophet’. As we go through the pages of ‘The Prophet’ we come to the conclusion that Enlightenment is nothing but the discovery of the original face.

In his second work ‘The Wanderer’ which contains his Parables and his sayings is an extraordinary collection of his eternal thought. It is a simple process of discovering ourselves. In this work he paves the way for such understandings. As your eyes rests on the pages of ‘The Wanderer’ you realize that you are not the container of any journeys either to eternity or to the material realms but you become the content and thereby a wanderer. All wanderers are outsiders.
In his seventh work ‘Martha’ we see a vision of Gibran that how a woman has to be in the society? How soul is to be? How a heart is to be?

“Martha reached the age of sixteen years. Her soul was a
polished mirror reflecting all the loveliness of the fields, and her
heart was like the wide valleys which threw back voices in echo”.
The meditation creates those waves of ideas in Gibran. It is the mind together with soul reflecting the inner world of Holy Virgins (any woman).

In his most celebrated work ‘The Broken Wings’ we see a different approach to Jesus, Mary Magdalene etc. He declares that he has been greatly influenced by the Byzantine pictures. It is not intellectual revolution of thought that he communicates in ‘the Broken Wings’. Some of his expressions show the power of imagination. “The sorrowful spirit finds relaxation in solitude”.



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