Sunday, June 04, 2006

Relax lest you get a heart-attack!

 Not only these comparatively minor diseases are partly the consequence of stress. Even very dreaded ones like cancer and heart attack can result from emotional wounds that are not taken care of. Research studies have shown that more than fifty percent of cancer and heart attacks occur within six to eighteen months of a serious and unresolved emotional stress.

 Peace of mind, the best medicine

If we can get rid of our emotional hurts we will get sick less often and if sick, will recover faster, even miraculously. Some studies seem to indicate that if people could completely give up hate and grudge our hospitals will lose half of their patients. Harward psychiatrist Dr George Vaillant studied the lives and mental and physical health of a group of Harward students for a period of thirty years. He found that mental health was the most important determinant of physical health. People with immature coping styles, that is, those who had not learned to face crisis in their lives in healthy ways, became ill four times more than those with healthier styles.18
Most cases of spontaneous remission are the result of a change in the mental attitude of the patient. We would call this change a healing of the emotional wound from grudge or fear or guilt of whatever.

Late Dr Karl Menninger, one of the leading psychiatrists of the second half of this century said, “If we can love enough… this is the touchstone. This is the key to the entire therapeutic programme of the modern psychiatric hospital… Love is the medicine for the sickness of the world.”19 This makes sense. Almost two thousand years ago John, the Evangelist, wrote: Perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and he who fears is not perfected in love.

We could say that perfect love casts out fear, inferiority feelings, guilt, hate and unhealthy grief. These emotions create emotional tension, which reduces the power both of the immune system and of the recuperative power of the body.


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