Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sacramentality and theology of inter-relationship with Creation

Sacramental approach to creation leads one to stewardship, to preserve every thing with its own value, goodness and worth, theologically this approach can be called as inter relationship.

Everything in creation is not for man’s usefulness, but for God’s glory. By preserving the nature in its sacramental character man should know that everything deserves to be revered for what it is in itself and for what it potentially reveals. Stewardship is also a kind of appreciation. One who sees the beauty of the world sees the form of God’s appearance everywhere. Creation has an inherent value outside of human utility. It is because of its co-celebration with God. Sometimes man develops an exploitative attitude towards nature because he considers it as an object for his use alone. Since God reveals himself through creation the human being should have a special reverence for the creation.

we have seen that man’s life is very much related to the nature and without nature man cannot live. Since God is immanent in the nature it helps man to grow physically and spiritually. Here we find relationship between nature, man and God. When man becomes part and parcel of the cosmic world. In the gospel of John 1:14 we see Jesus says: “this is my commandment: love one another as I have loved you”. The love demanded here is a boundless one extended not only to the whole humankind but also to the whole creation. This implies that a true Christian has to love and respect also his environment and the whole nature and remain consciously integrated with Jesus Christ and finally with God. For we cannot love Christ unless we love also what is his. In fact, Jesus claims the whole creation as his own: “everything the Father has is mine” (Jn 16: 15).



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