Saturday, July 01, 2006

We denounce the terrorism…

We condemn and denounce the acts of terrorism
that shocked Mumbai last week.

We share in the agonies of all the afflicted brethren.
We are totally against the use of modern technology for such evil purpose.

But we also strongly protest the current ban of ‘Blogspot’
and other similar blog services in India.

It is as senseless as banning the entire post-office system,
because somebody planned a murder through letters.
or it is as thoughtless as banning all e-mail services
because somebody uses e-mail to plan a murder.

Look! the medium is not the evil.
It is the man, who misuses it.
Save the media Freedom!

My India, the Greatest!


Please Note:
We regret the due to this current ban of Blogspot in India, we are unable to do fresh postings regularly. We will make alternative arrangements soon. Thank You.


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