Monday, October 02, 2006

Francis the true man ( Message)

 Francis is a unique man. No one can truly express him in words, no film can capture him to his essence, and forgive me, and not many will be able to walk the path he did, the way he did it. But still, he remains as the simple man-saint. The beauty of God lies in the creation of such people. It is a blessing for the humanity in its own kind. The coming generations will even doubt such a person’s existence. Is it possible for a man to live here on earth, they are sure to doubt. Then never our history textbooks and hagiographical records will suffice their quest. They are sure to search for answers around.

Some say Francis died. I do not believe it, I saw him even today!
Tell me how can Francis die? He just cannot die, for man ever needs god’s symbols!
As long as you and I live, Francis cannot die. As long as a tiny flower remains, he lives. He is the man, who raised the dignity of the nature to such a heights,
ever after the event of creation and Christ.

Yes, I see Francis today, he is all around me….
In my brother, and in the nature…..
Wish you a Happy Feast.

Br.Ferdinand OFM cap.
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Happy feast of St.Francis of Assisi

Captalk wishes all our esteemed readers 
a very hapy feast of st.Francis of Assisi.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Bro.Sunil C.E bags yet again a literary award.
This time it comes in the form of second prize
for his short story entry in the Assisi Magazine’s
annual literary contest-2006.

We are happy about your achievement, Br.Sunil!